Birthdays the Beginning - World Building Tips - Part 1

Greetings world-builders! You may not know everything there is to know about growing worlds, but if you heed our words you will be on your way to witnessing the miracle of life with your own eyes.
Growing life from scratch may be a little bit complicated, but trust me, you’ve been hand-chosen for this task by the ever-wonderful Navi! Whenever you’re feeling lost or troubled, Navi will be right by your side!
As a newly appointed world-builder, you’ll have two very special powers at your disposal that allow you to manipulate space and time: Micro Mode and Macro Mode respectively. This is where your training will begin!
Micro Mode allows you to shape the world’s terrain. You’ll start off with a flat cube with no life on it, but over time you can make mountains, hills, valleys and more! In fact, by raising and lowering the terrain the temperature will change! This will cause organisms to be birthed and your world to grow!
Macro Mode allows you to advance the passage of time in order to accelerate the birthing process of lifeforms. You’ll start off with single-celled organisms such as phytoplankton and zooplankton to complex multicellular life including plants, mammals, dinosaurs and more!
You’ll have to constantly swap between the two modes to test and observe the environment you create. As time progresses, organisms that are suited to an environment's temperature and moisture levels will be birthed.
It’s hard work to maintain the ecosystem of your cube, so make sure that you always keep an eye on the Life News! This is displayed on the right-side of the screen and it’s how you’ll find out when new lifeforms are born. Don’t forget to capture it and record it in your Library! The library also contains a Life Tree that shows the genealogy of each creature and how they came to be. You can use this to get hints on how to make even more organisms!
If you’re having trouble actually finding newly birthed organisms in order to capture them you should check out the minimap! When a new organism is birthed it will appear on the minimap as a pink dot. Now you have no excuses to miss a single birthday!

If you ever get stuck you can check out the Game Info screen. This will tell you the status of your cube and your current objective.
The final and arguably most important tip that we will bestow upon you today is to save early and often! It’s important that you make a record of the world and all the organisms you’ve created! Select the Save option in the Game Menu to manually save your progress.
We’re very interested to see what type of worlds you’ll create! Perhaps you’ll create a world that’s never been seen before! After all, everyone’s world will be different in their own way, the possibilities are endless.
Stay tuned for the next lesson where we’ll dive into how you actually shape the terrain in your world!