Birthdays the Beginning - World Building Tips - Part 2

Greetings worldbuilders! It’s time for another exciting lesson in playing Mother (or Father) Nature!


In the previous lesson, we taught you all about the two powers that you’ll have at your disposal, Micro Mode and Macro Mode. Now, it’s about time that we teach you how to actually change the terrain of your cube with your own hands.


You can raise and lower the terrain to create any landscape you can imagine. You can make mountains, hills, spires, plains, rivers, seas and many more terrain features! The origins of life began in the primordial ocean, so that’s where we’ll begin today’s lesson.




When land is lowered below 0 T (sea level), that area becomes a sea. The organisms that emerge in the sea will vary depending on the depth, and are crucial when it comes to developing your cube. This is because sea creatures must evolve to create land creatures. After all, amphibians were the first organisms to liberate themselves from their ocean habitat and set foot on land.




Furthermore, lowering the seafloor to increase the depth of the sea will also increase the cube’s overall temperature, while raising the seafloor will create shallow waters and cool the overall temperature.


The sea isn’t the only thing that affects the temperature of your cube.




If you create tall, triangle-shaped lands, you can create hills and mountain ranges. Tall terrain will reduce the overall temperature of your cube, but if you don’t want to make a large mountain you can create a thin spire instead!

Can you see how much influence you’ll have over an entire ecosystem just by raising and lowering terrain? There are also many useful items that will help you create your world, such as the River Source item.



When you use the River Source item, you can create a spring on the surface. By lowering the land around the river, you can make as wide or as long as you please! Unlike the sea, you can create rivers no matter how tall the land is. If you want to add some green to a mountain, try adding a river to it! It can also be used to create waterfalls! Waterfalls are you chance to show off your artistry.


Now we’ve given you all of the knowledge we have at our disposal, so go imagine, experiment and create! Shape your planet and decide how plant and animal life evolves. No two planets will be the same!