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    Atelier Lydie & Suelle - Limited Edition

    The gripping conclusion to the Mysterious series marks the 20th Anniversary for the Atelier franchise, following the tale of the alchemist twins - the reserved but caring Lydie Marlen, and the eccentric and carefree Suelle Marlen. The young twins work alongside their father at the family atelier, but due to his inexperience in alchemy they rarely see any customers.

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  • https://store.nisaeurope.com/collections/labyrinth-of-refrain-coven-of-dusk
    Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - Limited Edition

    Become the living book, Tractatus de Monstrum, and command a brigade of puppet soldiers as you navigate the twisting passageways of the labyrinth of Refrain. When at your base, prepare for your journey by upgrading your brigade! Create new puppet soldiers, assign them different squads and formations, synthesize better equipment, take requests from townsfolk, and get assistance from Dronya in the form of Witch Petitions.

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    The 25th Ward: The Silver Case - Limited Edition

    It is five years since the events of 1999’s “The Silver Case,” set in the new 25th Ward that arose in the bayside area of Kanto. In a room of the “Bayside Tower Land” apartment complex, a woman is found murdered under mysterious circumstances. This sets off a series of seemingly random events throwing together multiple protagonists including The Silver Case’s Tokio Morishima. With all viewpoints assembled, a truly shocking pattern emerges…

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    SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy Diamond Dream Edition

    Join SNK's iconic heroines this summer, as they battle to see who's the strongest of all! Get ready to utilise Special Moves with a single button, and make use of unique items to change the flow of battle! Once your opponent is on the ropes, use your Dream Finish technique to win the fight! Watch other battles online, and bank on who you think will win using in-game points. Use your winnings to buy voice clips and accessories in an all-new costume system, and customise your favourite heroine to your heart's content!

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    CRIMINAL GIRLS: Invite Only

    Players will venture the depths of Hell and lead a group of female delinquents on a quest to rid themselves of their criminal DNA, so they can be reborn back to the mortal world. On the way, players will wrestle with the girls conflicting battle plans, keep them motivated through ‘one-on-one time,’ and uncover their deepest of secrets.

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