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    Etrian Mystery Dungeon - 3DS

    There’s no hand-holding in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. The action/turn based combat means that battling monsters is not just about using the right skills, but becomes an elegant Pas de Quatre of strategic positioning.

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    Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters - PS3

    One day, you arrive at Kurenai Academy in Shinjuku. You're a completely ordinary student, and one of your new classmates gazes at you - Masamune Shiga.

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    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV

    The hero of the Erebonian Civil War and Class VII's instructor, Rean Schwarzer, has gone missing. The Erebonian Empire is on the brink of all out war. The heroes of Class VII find themselves with the full force of the Empire on the path to domination.

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    Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded Just Desserts Edition

    Get ready for a double dose of DOOD with Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded! For the first time ever, PRINNY™ 1: CAN I REALLY BE THE HERO and PRINNY™ 2: DAWN OF OPERATION PANTIES, DOOD! come together in one explosive collection of games.

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  • https://store.nisaeurope.com/products/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-cold-steel-iii-nintendo-switch-limited-edition
    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel: Thors Academy Edition

    Nearly a year and a half has passed since the Erebonian civil war, and much has changed since then. From the shifting stances of countries to the internal politics of the Empire, and even the life of Rean Schwarzer, the shadows of the past have given way to the embers of a new chapter.

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  • Deal of the Week - Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters!

    We’re changing up how our Deal of the Week works very slightly, doods, so ensure you read carefully in order to still be able to snap up your weekly savings!

    From now on, you will need to use a code at checkout in order to apply a saving to any eligible items in your order. The Deal of The Week games will still change every week as normal, only now you will need to make use of a code on those games to ensure you’re getting them at the reduced price. This code will likewise change every week, with it being “DOTW1” this week, giving you a £3 saving on each title. 

    Now, with that out of the...

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