All About The Official UK and Europe NIS Online Store

The Official UK and Europe NIS Online Store has been set-up so that our dedicated fans across Europe, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand can directly purchase highly Limited Edition versions of our most popular games. 

NIS America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. of Japan, which established its North American operations on December 24, 2003. Since our birth we have published and localised a range of exciting and creative titles across the U.S and Europe. Our European division is devoted to bringing the finest quality games to Europe, Australia and New Zealand both from our internal development teams and a selection of partner developers and publishers. 

NIS America has run a popular online store in the U.S for many years with the goal or bringing Limited Edition versions of our games to our most dedicated fans. With the launch of the European store we aim to offer a similar service to our passionate fans across Europe. Our Limited Editions are true collectors item with small product runs and the best quality items for players to treasure. 

All **IN STOCK**  items are dispatched within 1 to 2 days. Pre-ordered products will be shipped out with high priority, but due the complexities of shipping across Europe from our home-base in the UK, we cannot guarantee delivery before release day.