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Disgaea 4 Complete+ - A Promise of Sardines Edition - PS4®


UK Price including VAT £29.99

Carry the weight of your word as a (former) tyrant with the Disgaea 4 Complete+ A Promise of Sardines Edition! Encourage your Prinny pupils with the Shiny Motivational Bookmark, and proudly display your aspirations as the head dood of Hades with the “Valvatorez Cam-pain” poster! All items will be BUNDLED with the game at launch. No additional purchases are necessary.

About the Game:

When the Corrupternment threatens to disrupt the way of life in Hades, Valvatorez finds himself at the helm of a fiery revolution. The former tyrant will need to call upon new allies, recruit a formidable army, and learn a thing or two about political unrest if he hopes to take down the corrupt regime and bring salvation to all Prinny-kind!

Dive into a tale of revolution and redemption, woven throughout a dark and hilarious realm of vampires, werewolves, and other devilish denizens. Engage in immersive and in-depth tactics-based gameplay brimming with over-the-top destructive action, and unload a horde of special features to take your Netherworldly adventures to another level. Brace your belt pouches and grab your sardines; the ultimate HD Disgaea game has arrived, dood!

Key Features:

A Bloodless Coup - Lead the incomparable Valvatorez, a vampire bound by promises, and the ramshackle cast of werewolves, angels, failed Final Bosses and more in a story of love, loss and...Presidential politics!?

Disgaea now, Disgaea FOREVER
 - Level to 9,999? Make it happen. Custom maps? Build your own! Barge into other players games on a flying pirate ship? WHY NOT!? Now with new social online features coming after launch!

And That's Not All (!?) - 
Everything to ever grace Disgaea 4 is here! With over 30 unlockable characters, extra story campaigns, and modern flourishes to the Disgaea formula, Disgaea 4 Complete+ offers as deep and smooth of an SRPG experience as there has ever been.

Includes Shiny Motivational Bookmark and Valvatorez Cam-pain Poster with standard edition game (found inside game case).

Release Date: 29th October 2019
Platform: PS4®
Genre: Strategy RPG
Player(s): 1
Audio: English / Japanese
Text: English / French
Ratings: 12 
Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software