Yurukill: The Calumniation Games - Release Date Trailer!

We are pleased to announce that Yurukill, a unique take on the investigative adventure genre, will be coming to PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on June 10th, 2022! 

In the twisted world of Yurukill, your fate is on the line. You have been accused of a crime you didn't commit and now you'll have to fight for your life. Will you be pardoned or executed?

Check out the newest trailer below to meet your fellow Prisoners, get a glimpse at the trials ahead, and see how you will fare against the competition. 


Exclusive to the NISA EU Store, is a Limited Edition which is available to pre-order now for PS4, PS5 & Nintendo Switch and includes all contents of the Deluxe Edition as well as an original soundtrack, hardcover art book, acrylic stand, pin, and cloth poster, all housed within a collector’s box.

Deluxe Edition is also available to pre-order now for the above platforms from the NISA EU Store.

You can check out the Limited Edition and all of its goodies below!

The Limited Edition Contains:

 Yurukill: The Calumniation Games (PS4, PS5 or Nintendo Switch)
- Collector's Box
- "Pardon or Kill" Hardcover Art Book
- Yurukill Original Soundtrack
- Binko Acrylic Stand
- "Calumniation of Sin" 43cm x 61cm Cloth Poster
- Mass Murderers Team Pin

About the Game:

Renowned author Homura Kawamoto delivers a twisted, multifaceted story in Yurukill. Accused of arson and the murders of 21 people, protagonist Sengoku Shunju is forced to fight for his freedom and prove his innocence. As one of six Prisoners, he must pair up with one of five victims, referred to as Executioners, within the confines of the strange and secluded amusement park known as Yurukill Land. Together each of the five teams—Mass Murderers, Death Dealing Duo, Crafty Killers, Sly Stalkers, and Peeping Toms—must face and overcome the entertainment venue's so-called "attractions" in order to attain what they desire. Should the Prisoners succeed, their crimes shall be pardoned. But if the Executioners win, they will be granted revenge for their loved ones.