Void Terrarium Out Now Digitally for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™!


Toriko needs your help...

Void Terrarium has launched digitally for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ - you can head over to PSN™ or the Nintendo eShop™ to download it right now! The physical Limited Editions will be available from July 17th - that's next Friday - so you won't have long to wait if you ordered that version. Plus, check out the launch trailer here




About the Game:

In void tRrLM(); //void terrarium, take on the role of a lone robot who, along with an AI named factoryAI, attempts to protect a young girl named Toriko from the harsh, unforgiving world in which they find themselves. Encasing her in a glass terrarium to shield her from the toxic spores in the air, the robot must venture out into the wilds in order to find supplies and ensure her survival, battling the other machines and mutants which linger out there.


Key Features:

Hope in a Cold World - From the creator of 'A Rose in the Twilight' and 'htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary', this harrowing roguelike adventure combines cute visuals with a somber yet whimsical post-apocalyptic story.

Custom-Made Caretaker - Install various equipment, skills, Knacks, and parts you find on your expeditions to improve your ability to explore the wasteland and fight enemies, while preventing threats to Toriko’s health by feeding her, curing over 15 possible diseases, and building her various gadgets to make her life more comfortable in the wasteland.

The Mysteries of the Void - Choose your loadout wisely as you fight through procedurally generated levels in turn-based combat. No two adventures are alike when braving the toxic wastes.



Limited Edition Includes:

  • Void Terrarium game

  • "Sporific Sounds" OST in Jewel Case

  • "Status Apparatus" Mood Calendar

  • "Tori-gotchi" Lenticular Metal Keychain

  • "Hand-plucked Hope" Poster

  • Three "A.I. Love You" Lapel Pins

  • Collector's box

*also available for PS4™