The Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition is Out Now!


Get ready to give your Ideas some weight!

The Little Town Hero: Big Idea Edition is available to purchase now for PS4™ and Nintendo Switch™! 


In an isolated village perched on the edge of the world, a young boy named Axe finds himself unable to dream of anything except for what lies beyond its walls. But everything changes when a fearsome monster attacks the village, throwing its citizens into peril. In the midst of this,  Axe discovers he can utilise the power of a mysterious red stone to turn his Ideas into attacks. As he works his way through the village defeating more monsters, he gradually unravels the secrets of how both they, and the red stone, came to be. 


Key features:

  • Izzit? Dazzit! - Use your Ideas to outwit and defend against enemies, then strike back with strong attacks.

  • Charming Locals - Befriend townspeople to gain their support, as well as unlock more Ideas to use in battle.

  • There's No Place Like Home - Enjoy life in this little town with a whimsical soundtrack by Toby Fox (UNDERTALE) and cozy art style by Game Freak.


The Big Idea Edition includes:
  • Little Town Hero for Nintendo Switch™
  • "Life in the Village" Art Book
  • "Izzit? Dazzit?" Poster
  • "Defender Duo" Lapel Pin Set
  • "Town Tunes" Official Soundtrack
  • Collector's Box
*also available on PS4™