The Cruel King and the Great Hero is Out Now! Watch the Launch Trailer!

Posted on March 11, 2022 by NISA EUROPE

Can the Dragon King come to terms with the inevitable truth that the girl is bound to learn one day? 

 The Cruel King and the Great Hero is available now on Nintendo Switch and PS4! You can catch the launch trailer below!

A young girl named Yuu embarks on an adventure to become a great hero. By her side is a fearsome beast known as the Dragon King, who guides and protects her. However, the truth of the Dragon King’s past will soon rear its ugly head, threatening the peaceful life they’ve enjoyed until now. Explore charming settings, subdue monsters, and discover a story of companionship, heroism, and facing the past!

If that wasn't exciting enough, The Cruel King and the Great Hero Treasure Trove Bundle is available now for Nintendo Switch and PS4! Check it out below.


The Treasure Trove Bundle includes:

The Cruel King and the Great Hero Storybook Edition 

- The Cruel King and the Great Hero for Nintendo Switch or PS4

- Collector's Box

- "Adventures of the Great Hero" Hardcover Art Book

- "Scores of Bravery" Digital Soundtrack

- 6" Great Hero Plush 

The Cruel King and the Great Hero Acrylic Puzzle:

Finished Puzzle Size: 8.25" x 11.75 

The Cruel King and the Great Hero - 8" Dragon Plush:

Estimated Height: 8"

More information on The Cruel King and the Great Hero can be found on the official website.
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