What Makes Disgaea 6 Complete..."Complete"?

Ever since Zed and friends came bursting onto the scene, there’s been a burning question in everyone’s mind: what does the "Complete" in Disgaea 6 Complete stand for?

The answer: lots of things, dood!

Read on to find out what makes this installment the definitive version of Disgaea 6, dood!


Tech Specs + *Free Version Upgrade

PS4: 60FPS / 1920 × 1080

PS5: 60FPS / 3840 × 2160

*If you pick up Disgaea 6 Complete for PS4™, you can upgrade your copy to PS5™ for no additional cost, so your game can keep up with you! Sweet deal, dood!


The Squad’s All Here, Dood!


The following DLC from Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny are now included in Disgaea 6 Complete, along with new recolor options as noted:





Thanks for reading, dood! Get ready to tear your way through the Netherworlds when Disgaea 6 Complete launches on June 28, 2022 for PS5™, PS4™, and PC. Pre-order the Limited Edition and Deluxe Edition and pick up exclusive merch on the EU NISA Online Store, and learn more about this explosive chapter of the Disgaea series by visiting the official website, dood!