Discover GrimGrimoire OnceMore, a little-known gem from Vanillaware!

Magical fantasy meets real time strategy in GrimGrimoire OnceMore, the remaster of a little-known Vanillaware gem, coming to PS4™, PS5™ and Nintendo Switch™ on April 7, 2023!

Released in 2007 on the PS2™, the original GrimGrimoire received a warm reception and positive reviews. Now, with the release of GrimGrimoire OnceMore, this title has a chance to reunite with old fans and dazzle newcomers! Developer Vanillaware, whose backlog of critically acclaimed titles includes Odin Sphere, Dragon’s Crown, and Grand Knights History, is well-known for emphasising the use of 2D art in the games industry, and GrimGrimoire OnceMore is no exception. Vanillaware has used their wealth of experience and passion to create a magical masterpiece you won’t want to miss out on!

While fans of the original release will find the remaster familiar in all the right ways, newcomers will discover a charming adventure, complete with revamped visuals, quality of life additions, and exciting new features!


Past And Present

  Just as GrimGrimoire has been given new life on modern consoles, so too has the game's heroine, Lillet Blan. After enrolling at the prestigious Silver Star Tower, a magic academy where only the most talented of aspiring mages are invited to attend, Lillet Blan awakens to discover that tragedy has struck the tower. Before she can discover the cause of the conflict, Lillet is suddenly sent back in time as the clock strikes midnight, to the day she first arrived at the school. She must now relive the last five days in the hopes of stopping the dreadful event and discovering the truth of Silver Star Tower.

Fantasy Meets Strategy

  With its highly-anticipated arrival onto PS4™, PS5™, and Nintendo Switch™, GrimGrimoire OnceMore remains true to the core gameplay of the original release. Players will engage in real-time strategy combat by summoning familiars to fight enemies such as demons, spirits, and golems. This is done by channeling one of the four in-game schools of magic: Glamour, Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemy, with each of these disciplines having its own unique familiars and aspects. To summon familiars, players must use magical books called Grimoires to conjure Runes, and as you level up your Grimoires, you’ll be able to summon more powerful familiars. Mastering these schools of magic and utilising their familiars against certain enemies is the key to victory!


 A Flourish of New Features

 There are several new features in store to enhance your magical experience in GrimGrimoire OnceMore! Grand Magic adds to the strategy of combat by presenting the player with a limited number of powerful moves. For example, Mana Burst shoots a deadly flame that deals damage in a wide range, while Resurrection recovers HP for injured familiars.

There’s also a new skill tree through which players can use coins earned by completing optional missions during battles to purchase upgrades. These include buffing schools of magic, strengthening familiars, and many other unique ways to gain the upper hand. 

While real-time-strategy combat can be engaging, there are often tasks that take some time to complete. Fast-forward Mode grants you the power to speed battles up at will, allowing you to collect more resources in less time, or summon familiars at a quicker pace in order to get to the action faster. However, for those looking to conjure up more of a challenge, you can truly put your magical skills to the test by selecting the new Hard difficulty. The new features that GrimGrimoire OnceMore has in store allow players to cater their experience to whatever suits their magical fancy!

 Spellbinding Spectacle

  The world of GrimGrimoire has never looked or sounded better! With the inclusion of remastered visuals, those new to the series may find themselves whisked away by the sights and sounds of this whimsical world. The signature, hand-drawn art style is still present, but the details are far more vibrant thanks to the high definition that modern consoles offer. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the Gallery, where players can view over 90 unique illustrations, all beautifully brought to life in the iconic style Vanillaware is known for!

 GrimGrimoire OnceMore has also been upgraded from a 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio, helping you take in more of the battlefield to strategise your next move better than ever before. Additionally, new voice lines have been added during combat to ensure that the charming energy of the cutscenes is present throughout the entire experience.

 Open the Grimoire Once More

 With everything that made the original GrimGrimoire a classic, along with all of the new features it has to offer, GrimGrimoire OnceMore is the ultimate version of this unique and unforgettable title! Please visit the official website for more information, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy at the NIS UK Online Store!

GrimGrimoire OnceMore releases on PS4™, PS5™, and Nintendo Switch™ April 7, 2023!

Thanks for reading, dood! Check out the new Academy Trailer below to learn about the students and faculty you'll meet at the Silver Star Tower!