Deal of the Week - The Lost Child and Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory!


Check out what’s on sale from us this week, doods!


You can snap up either the standard edition of The Lost Child on PS4 for £9.99, or the standard edition of Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory on Nintendo Switch also for £9.99!


Something strange is going down on the streets of Tokyo in The Lost Child… a spate of mysterious suicides has swept through the city, with no-one seemingly able to find any explanation. Hayato Ibuki, an occult journalist, believes there is something more going on with these incidents than meets the eye, and sets out to investigate, meeting a strange girl in the process. While not able to give him all the answers he seeks, she makes him custodian over a curious otherworldly device, which just may be the key to unlocking the mystery…


Or, take charge over the fate of Fenumia in Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory! In this two-saga epic, experience the story from the perspective of either Princess Cecille, member of the Royal Family, or Legatus Laendur, the man desperate to bring the monarchy to its knees. Choose your side and forge your path as you decide the future of the kingdom in this enthralling title remastered with new artwork for the Nintendo Switch!


These prices will only be available until Sunday, May 10th, so make sure you don’t miss out, doods!


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