Check out the CRYSTAR Gameplay Trailer for Nintendo Switch!


Check out the newest trailer for CRYSTAR to see Rei and her friends shine in battle! Discover your inner power, meet companions to fight by your side, and let the power of your tears flow.

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CRYSTAR will launch for Nintendo Switch™ on April 1st, 2022, complete with all previously released DLC content!


About the Game: 

CRYSTAR places you in a grim world where lost souls dwell and your tears grant you power. Swap between a cast of unique playable characters and use their strengths to challenge deranged hordes of Specters and Revenants. Build up your Tear Gauge in battle and use it to summon mighty Guardians to stand alongside you. And when the Torments from defeated foes threaten to overwhelm you with despair, weep and grieve to achieve catharsis and draw strength from your woes to enhance your attacks and armour.

With the use of four playable characters, CRYSTAR allows players to use each character’s unique build and skill set to the max while featuring their personalities and story. The main playable characters are:

- Rei, the game’s protagonist who longs to revive the sister she killed.

- Kokoro, a woman driven by revenge for the loss of the man and child she loves most.

- Sen, a young girl who fights in Purgatory to pursue the justice she believes in.

- Nanana, a humanoid Revenant obsessed with Rei and shrouded in mystery.

Each character, playable or not, contributes to the enigmatic narrative that is CRYSTAR.

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