Deal of the Week - Time and Eternity + Artbook!

Posted on July 20, 2015 by NISA EUROPE

The first HD animation RPG!

Characters in Time and Eternity are all drawn using cel animation, meaning they are neither sprites or 3D models. The graphic style is unique to this game and completely new!

Available for £13.99 until 26/07/2015 (EXPIRED)


You’ll also get an exclusive 20-page softcover artbook featuring the original and handdrawn artwork of popular Taiwanese illustrator Vofan, also known for his Bakemonogatari artwork.

 The game’s theme song, “Rewind”, is performed by Japanese R&B and pop singer May J.

Satelight, a Japanese animation studio known for producing the Aquarion and Symphogear franchises, handled the cutscenes and character animations.

You also have the option to enjoy the game with English or Japanese voices!

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