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    Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy - Limited Edition

    Continue the story of Operation Abyss and defend near-future Tokyo from a new threat in this dungeon crawling RPG. When a mysterious object - dubbed ‘The Embryo’ - appears in the sky, the CPA and the Xth Squad are mobilized to face the new threat.

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  • http://store.nisaeurope.com/products/a-rose-in-the-twilight-limited-edition
    A Rose in the Twilight - Limited Edition

    A girl awakens in a castle void of colour and time, affixed with the Curse of Thorns upon her back. After meeting a sleeping giant, the two work together to escape. Help them unravel the mystery of the thorns and the history behind the sombre castle.

    £39.99 Pre-Order Now
  • http://store.nisaeurope.com/collections/danganronpa-v3-killing-harmony
    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony - Limited Edition

    Welcome to a new world of Danganronpa, and prepare yourself for the biggest, most exhilarating episode yet. Set in a “psycho-cool” environment, a new cast of 16 characters find themselves kidnapped and imprisoned in a school.

    From £69.99 Pre-Order Now
  • http://store.nisaeurope.com/products/cladun-returns-this-is-sengoku-limited-edition
    Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku!

    Set in Japan’s Sengoku Era, you wake up in the mysterious land of Arcanus Cella where the souls of the dead gather as they await reincarnation. However, some souls have unfinished business that needs to be settled before they can reincarnate.

    £53.99 Pre-Order Now
  • http://store.nisaeurope.com/collections/frontpage-clean/products/criminal-girls-2-party-favors-standard-edition
    Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors - PS Vita

    Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors expands on the universe and gameplay mechanics of Criminal Girls: Invite Only with a brand new cast of characters and is available for £22.99 this week!

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  • Deal of the Week - Ys: Memories of Celceta

    Ys: Memories of Celceta brings a greater sense of adventure to the Ys universe than has ever been seen before, for £14.99 until 22/01/17!

    This re-envisioning of the fourth instalment in the Ys series takes a brand new approach, changing and framing the story of Ys IV within an all-new tale of conspiracy, deception, and mystery. Featuring an updated version of the party-based battle system from Ys SEVEN, as well as the largest and most varied overworld in series history!

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