Atelier Shallie: Alchemists Of The Dusk Sea - Standard Edition

Release Date: 13th March


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Choose to play as either the reserved, mission-focused Shallistera or as ambitious, energetic Shallotte. While their personalities and appearance are drastically different, both girls share the nickname "Shallie." Shallistera is the daughter of a tribal leader who embarks on a voyage to find a solution to the crisis affecting her homeland. Shallotte, on the other hand, has been struggling to bring success to the alchemy workshop since the passing of her father. Uncover each of their journeys using the dual main character system, which has been improved with multiple separate stories and endings for Shallistera and Shallotte.

    Game Details
    Platform: PS3
    Genre: RPG 
    Player(s): 1
    Publisher: Koei Tecmo Europe
    Developer: GUST
    Release Date: March 13th 2015
    PEGI Rating: 16
    Language Audio: English & Japanese
    Language Text: English
    Region: PAL
    Official Site: http://ateliergames.eu/shallie/

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