Disgaea 2 PC - Desktop Bundle (Items Only)

Release Date: 30th January 2017

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Disgaea 2 PC Game not included in this set.

Product Includes:

Disgaea PC Mousepad
Give your superior mousing skills the boost they need by having a great foundation! This mouse pad is built on a 1/4-inch thick heavy duty, open cell natural rubber, topped with a vibrant and iconic image of our Overloard Laharl from the classic cover of Disagea: Hour of Darkness! Nostalgia is real, as this image is printed upon Antimicrobial Origin'L Fabric® which will help to protect your gameplay and health! With a fabric finish on top, you don't need to worry about laser mice having trouble with a reflective surface, or the image peeling off over time.
Dimensions: 1/4 Thick x 8.5 Width x 8.5 height (Inches)

Disgaea 2 PC Desk Mat
It's time you made a change to that ol' drab desk you work on. Or maybe, you want to amp up your classic tabletop gaming with some seriously sick designs! Or you just know great style when you see it. Whatever the reason is, Adell promises you won't be disappointed with the quality of the Disgaea 2 PC desk mat! Printed with Antimicrobial Origin'L Fabric® upon a 1/16-inch open cell rubber base, this item is built to be an anti-skid cushioned surface! It's great for playing board or card games on top of, and easy to manage if taken on the go!
Dimensions: 1/16 Thick x 16 height x 20 width (Inches)

Disgaea 2 PC Art Book + Art Prints
It's time to get excited about large ties, family crests, and dark heroes! The Disgaea 2 PC Collector's Art Book is here in physical form for preorder, and with it, you get a protective collector's box, 5 beautiful art prints showing off the unique art of Disgaea 2 PC, and the Steam code for the digital art book!

Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness Premium Soundtrack
Imported straight from Japan, we present the Disagea: Hour of Darkness Premium Soundtrack! With this Collector's CD you can dive into the melodic mind of Tenpei Sato, the man behind the music of the Disgaea universe! This CD contains 16 newly remastered and rearranged tracks that will be sure to drop you into the Netherworld right from the first note. Don't miss out on this musical tour of the Netherworld!

Product details:
1 CD + Jewel case

Check out the track list below:

1. Ode to Laharl
2. Dark Whisper
3. Elegant Dance
4. Etna Boogie
5. Dear Friends
6. My Comrade
7. Elegant Demons Saga
8. Witch Hunting
9. Red Moon
10. Go Little Girl! Saga
11. Planet X
12. Marionette of Sorrow
13. Underworld
14. What a Beautiful Life of Mine
15. Disgaea
16. Flower of Happiness

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